As a company, you sometimes come into contact with people who are committed to special initiatives and inspiring projects. People who really motivate you. People you’d like to connect with. People you’d like to support in order to make their initiative more successful.

Rotterdam Fund Racers

Sports bring people together. With this underlying mission, the Rotterdam Fund Racers Foundation organizes sports events to raise money for cancer-related charities. This is an initiative of supporters from the Rotterdam business community who really want to give something back to society.

This foundation grew out of years of participation in the Alpe d'HuZes event. As a sports fan, Jordex CEO Ruud wants to get the most out of this event, which means as many ascents of that mighty mountain as possible. As a businessman, his mission is to convert this achievement into the highest possible sponsorship income.

Local sports clubs

Outside working hours, we can often be found in De Kuip and Het Kasteel. We like to kick a ball around ourselves, or even better, to cheer on Feyenoord and Sparta afrom the grandstands. Right alongside our friends, just like real Rotterdammers.

When we’re on the field ourselves, we prefer to play at a local club. A club we grew up with and where you can see our logo stamped on shirts and along the sidelines. For a number of years, we have been the main sponsor of the football associations vv Smitshoek and ASWH, and Hockey Club Barendrecht.

Chantal Blaak

Chantal Blaak has been at the top of the cycling world for several years now. Along with a number of other great companies, we provide former world and two-time Dutch cycling champions with mobility on the road. Mobility in its finest form: an electric BMW.

Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed

After the Daniel den Hoed clinic moved to the center of Rotterdam in 2018, a new family center was opened in 2021. We have been able to furnish one of the rooms so that family members of cancer patients can stay close to each other during illness and treatment. Familiehuis Daniel den Hoed temporarily offers relatives of cancer patients a warm home away from home.

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